Parable of the Day: Planting Good and Bad Seeds

Some disciples came to their elder and asked him why bad proclivities stick to one’s soul so readily, while good ones don’t, and even if they do, they are easily abandoned.
“What will happen if you expose a good seed to scorching heat and plant a bad seed into the soil?”
“The good seed will die without fertile soil. The bad seed will shoot out a weak sprout and bring forth a bad fruit.”
“That’s exactly what people do: instead of doing good in secret and growing the good sprouts deep inside their souls, they expose them for everyone to see, and thus kill them. At the same time, people hide their shortcomings and sins from others. They grow and poison those people’s hearts. Be wise.”
The disciples thanked their Abba for the parable and went away in contemplation.
Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds
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