“Hush, God Is Coming!”

Nun Nymphodora (Karpovich)
Folk wisdom has it that children are never shy of telling the truth. It happens that the Lord reveals something hidden, which we cannot see, through the meek and gentle children.
One day, I had the chance to see with my own eyes that our children with special needs are especially close to God. We brought them to the chapel in honour of the Blessed Xenia, located in the Boarding Home for adults. The children sat in a row on the carpet, looking at the priest, the choir, and the adult patients of the boarding home who were making some noise. Then, like all children, they got tired and started acting up. I attempted to calm them down but I forgot that the chapel was a sacred place and that we’d come to meet God. It was time for the Liturgy of the faithful. When the priest exclaimed, Holy things to the holy! a little boy named Andrey called out loudly:
“God is coming!”
Everyone went quiet, and I was terrified. It was an evident miracle. How could a toddler, who was barely able to talk and apparently did not even realise what was going on in the church, announce the Great Entrance so accurately?
August 13, 2018
St. Elisabeth Convent
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  1. Sister, I too have seen this awareness of the presence of God and significance of the Divine Liturgy by children. They are so pure they receive Him readily. Oh that we adults could be like them!

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