Do Our Careers Get in the Way of Being Orthodox Christians?

We all live very different lives: someone serves in the Church, someone devotes himself to art, science, there are also actors among us, musicians, diplomats, businessmen, teachers, basically people of various professions. But whatever we do, we can dedicate our craft to God. A profession is not just a way to earn money with which we can then buy food and other necessities for life, but it can also be a path to a pious Christian life. A person should also be careful not to change careers as God may work miracles through our talents.
I know one composer who after becoming an Orthodox Christian asked a priest on what to do next. “Leave your music career behind and become a church watchman,” the priest answered. Fortunately, the composer did not listen to him. Later, while in England, he met with elder Sophrony, a disciple of the Saint Siluan, and asked him the same question. “Keep creating music, and the whole world will know about you,” the elder told him. Soon the name of this composer became known to the whole world. Now he only writes religious themed music (he even wrote music to some of the words of Saint Siluan), and many became Orthodox Christians through his music. Being a deeply religious and pious person, he helps people to see the depths of spiritual life through his music, where a meeting between God and humanity takes place.
Translated by The Catalog of Good Deeds
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