Fr. Andrew Konanos: “Try to Do This, and Happiness Will Enter Your Home!”

It is quite a typical situation: a husband comes home after work, but his wife does not pay attention to whether he came or not. She is busy in the kitchen, she pills the vegetables or washes the dishes. One can hear only the words like, “You have come already? Finished your work? Don’t you need to go somewhere else? Do you really have to go home at once?” It does not matter whether the husband is at home or not. The wife pretends as if he did not exist at all. He is worthless in her eyes. The man behaves the same way towards the woman. We all like to be appreciated. We all need to be loved and be meaningful for others. When someone says you “well done”, you feel enlightened and understands that everything is fine. You keep working in the same spirit. This is not about egoism, but it is a good reason, which gives you strength to keep going with it.
The wife goes to a hairdresser, she has her hair done up and colored, she looks after herself. Then she comes home, but her husband is indifferent just as before.
Next day she goes to work and meets a male colleague in the office, who says, “It is a pleasure to look at you, your hair is nice. I like your new image!” Her husband did not notice that, while a stranger did.
A familiar pattern, isn’t it?
Why did not the husband notice? For whom did she do that? For whom did she become even more beautiful? For you. But you do not understand.
A woman told me once: “When my husband is watching sports, he doesn’t pay attention to what’s around him. At this time, there is no one else in the world for him. He wouldn’t notice me even if I enter the room on a horse wearing my burning with fire hair down. While watching he can’t look at me for a second. There is nothing else for him. Just as if I didn’t exist.” 
A human’s soul is like a tiny flower or a piece of glass jewelry, which we need to preserve and feed.
Our children need the same care. Try to communicate with your children more often. People ask why do children always hurry to go in the street. You know why? Because when their friends see them, they say, “Hi, friend!” This is it.
But you do not speak to your child like this. You only say, “You are useless. You will be an illiterate. You don’t keep pace with life. Loser. We pay for your life and your school, and you just do nothing. You waste your time. We fell sick because of you. You are breaking us…”

Listen to me! Show him some reward. We do not look after our children and then we say, “Why doesn’t my child love me? Why does he run away when he sees me? Why does he choose various parties, why does he hurry to spend time with friends, why does he visit other people?” You ask why? Because people love them there as they can.

Of course, you love your child, but you do not show this. It is not only about love but also about showing your attitude. We all love. In fact, we show our love only towards the dead, standing near the grave.
Only there you can see all these emotions, tears and feelings. While your beloved one is alive, you demand to obey the rules. But the he passes away, and you feel pain because of the loss. But it is too late.  
Love each other, watch each other, preserve your life and love. Do not be afraid to show it.
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