Is the Cross a Symbol of Death?

Question: Is the Cross a symbol of death?

An answer by Hieromonk Job (Gumerov): We refer to the Cross as life giving, because the Savior of the World defeated death on the Cross and thus He opened for us the way to blessed eternal life. “The Cross is a symbol of the Divine gift, the sign of spiritual nobility, the treasure that cannot be stolen from us, the foundation of righteousness. We keep it with us when we sleep or eat, we wear it wherever we go. Just like warriors do not eat or sleep without their weapon, now we will hang a cross near our bed instead of a sword. We will draw a cross on our doors instead of bolting them. We will surround our houses with it instead of the walls. We will cover with it internal and external things. It defeated death and purified the earth, it enthroned our nature and put an end to the devil’s tyranny. The nature of the Cross is dual. On one hand, it is material. On the other hand, it is immaterial, because it is made of faith; the material is the mood of a person who makes a sign of the cross” (St. John Chrysostom). 


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