Album - This Time of Repentance. The Festive Choir of St Elisabeth Convent (downloadable version)

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This version of the album "This Time of Repentance" is available for download. If you would like to order a hard copy please follow this link.

A collection of penitential church chants recorded during the Lenten Concerts of the Festive Choir of St Elisabeth Convent in St Petersburg.

You will have the chance to hear the prayerful, professional, and clear singing of the Festive Choir of St Elisabeth Convent, characterized by its unique sound, wide repertoire, and strict adherence to the canons of church singing. This choir is conducted by Nun Juliania (Denisova), a renowned church musician and precentor.

1. Now is the Time of Repentance. Znamenny chant
2. I Have Not Found Compunction. Znamenny chant
3. Let Us Accept the God's Commandments. Znamenny chant
4. Fruitless Tree. Znamenny chant
5. Open unto Me the Door of Repentance. Znamenny chant
6. On the Rivers of Babylon. Znamenny chant, treatment by Archdeacon Roman (Tamberg). Solo by A. Klimovich
7. Rise Up, O My Soul. Kontakion of the Great Canon. Znamenny chant
8. Of Thy Mystical Supper. Znamenny chant
9. Lord of Hosts, Be With Us. Znamenny chant
10. Now the Heavenly Hosts. Valamo chant, treatment of Archbishop Jonathan (Eletskikh).
11. Today He Who Suspended The Earth in The Waters is Suspended on a Cross. Deacon Sergius Trubachev.
12. He Who Covers Himself With Light As With Garment. Antiphon of the Great Friday
13. The Good Thief. Znamenny chant. Solo by E. Lange.
14. Before Thy Cross We Bow Down in Worship. Znamenny chant
15. Come Let Us Bless Joseph. Znamenny chant
16. O My Soul, Why Livest Thou Neglectful. Prayer from the Psalter. Rev Sergius Fedorov.
17. The Embrace of the Father. Prayer from the Psalter
18. The Lamentations of the Mother of God. Spiritual Hymn.

Total Runtime: 1 h 2 mins.

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