ZSH-0-1 Russian-Style Priest Vestment

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Fabric: velvet.

This set consists of 6 items: zone, cuffs, phelonion, epitrachelion, epigonation and nabedrennik.

This vestment is richly decorated with natural pearls and semi-precious stones, cannetille, lace and metal thread.

Handmade and natural surface embroidery with silver and silk thread, gold cannetille and velvet plaques with gold-plating and metal galloon is also used.

The icon of the Resurrection of Christ is embroidered with gold threads and natural pearls on the back of the phelonion.

The nabedrennik is decorated with lace and pearls. Silk Iris handmade tassels are also used.

This set does not include a sticharion. However, you can order it separately from the Related Products tab on the left or from the respective section of our Catalog.

The time it takes to make this vestment with embroidery is 3+ month.

We offer vestments made to measure according to your preferences with regard to color, fabrics, and embroidery. All our models were developed by experienced designers who work in our sewing workshop.

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Embroidery Typehandmade + machine
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