IOM-05 Mother of God of Kaluga, 30×40 cm

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It was through this icon that the Mother of God rescued the Russian land many times over the centuries.

Feast days: September 2 (when people of Kaluga who prayed before this icon were delivered from an epidemic), October 12 (after Kaluga was saved from the invasion of French troops in 1812), July 18 (after the Mother of God miraculously stopped a cholera outbreak in the city).

This icon is also remembered on the First Sunday of the Apostles Fast.

This icon is painted using acrylic paints.

The oklad is made from velvet and brocade, decorated with semiprecious stones (cat's eye), natural pearls, Swarovski strasses, beads, decorative lace, and cannetille.The icon is fully painted and put into a

locked case (not meant to be opened).

We will take into account all your preferences.

The cost of an icon depends on its size, the complexity of its composition, and its decoration.

To guarantee high quality and a long lifespan of an icon, we meticulously follow the technology. This is why it takes 1.5 - 4 months to make an icon.

Find out more about our icon casing workshop.

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ImageMother of God
Minimum size, cm30×40 cm
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