MP3 Monastic Znamenny Chant

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Znamenny chant is a treasure of Russian spiritual music. This release features its best examples performed by the Choir of the All-Merciful Savior Monastery, Yekaterinburg. This release contains the following albums: 1. Thee Clothed in Light 2. Easter Chants 3. Dogmatika and Irmoses. Precentor Hieromonk Longinus (Ragimov) BONUS: Nicholas Cavasila, abp. of Thessalonica Explanation of the Divine Liturgy Read by Hierodeacon Gedeon (Plotnikov)
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SKU MP3-54311
Record Type Worship Hymns
Producer/Studio Studio in honor of St John the Warrior, St Elisabeth Convent
Record Format MP3
Runtime 290
Package Original
Discs/Package 1
Available in languages Russian
Release Date Aug 15, 2011
Bitratе (kbps) 320
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