Mother of God of Vladimir Icons

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Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir – description and background

In the Vladimir Theotokos Icon, we see the Christ Child in the arms of His mother, embracing cheek to cheek. It belongs to the Eleusa (endearment) type and is remarkable for its profound symbolism. The bonds of tenderness between the mother and child are symbolic of God's Divine love for His creations. Christ stands in his bare feet, representing the physical reality of his life on earth as the Son of Man, while the garments of gold speak of the Kingdom of Heaven. Three stars on Mary's attire are symbols of her virginity before, during and after the arrival of her Son. In the look of the Virgin Mary, we read tenderness and sadness, an expression of her joy at His birth, but also of the anticipation of the Golgotha.

The Russian Orthodox tradition underlines the special role of the Mother of God in Russia’s fortunes as the country’s protectress in heaven. As a prominent icon of the Theotokos, the Vladimir icon has been closely connected with Russia's national consciousness. It has been used in the coronation of tsars, enthronement of patriarchs and key state ceremonies. The faithful in Russia use the icon in their prayers for the future of their country, God's help in resisting enemy invasions, and protection from epidemics. It is also a popular wedding icon.

Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir – process and delivery

At St. Elisabeth Convent, we have been painting Vladimir Virgin icons since 1998. The religious and artistic value of our works derives from many hours of meticulous labour, loyalty to tradition, the skill of our painters and the incessant prayer with which our icons are created.

We follow the established techniques grounded in the Byzantine and Russian traditions passed on over centuries from generation to generation.

Enrich the icon collection at your home or church with the Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir. Choose from a variety of sizes, or order a custom-painted icon. We will contact you to confirm the details after receiving your order.