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The Blessed Xenia of Saint Petersburg, one of Russia’s most beloved saints

Her icons adorn the prayer corners of many families. Parents still name their daughters in her honor and commission christening icons of her. Orthodox icons of Saint Xenia (feast day 6 February, 6 June) glorify her feat of fool for Christ and selfless service to God and people. For her acts of asceticism and righteous living, the Lord granted her the gift of foresight and miracle-working, which she has used generously to help those in need.

A hagiography in color

Saint Xenia lived in the 18th century. She lost her husband, an army officer, at the age of twenty-six: he died suddenly at a party, without confession or communion. In grief over his death, she abandoned her pursuit of earthly happiness and instead undertook the feat of foolishness for Christ.

Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg can be recognized in icons by the color of her clothes. As a sign of mourning, she wore her husband's red and green uniform and told people that she had died, not he. In her hands, she holds a walking staff, a symbol of her nomadic lifestyle, and she is shown barefoot or in slippers on her bare feet.

While a new church was being built at the Smolensk cemetery, the Blessed Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg brought bricks to it. She did it in the middle of the night when no one would notice. She was buried in the Smolensk cemetery. The Smolensk cemetery of St. Petersburg and the chapel named after her can be seen on many of her icons.

Our helper in heaven

During her life, Saint Xenia was known for her gift of prayer. Some icons show her praying in a field for the welfare of all Saint Petersburg residents. As we read in her hagiography, she spent her night praying in a field in all seasons and weather. On some icons, her are arms crossed, as during communion. In others, she is portrayed with an open palm of her right hand, symbolizing her righteousness and purity.

Sometimes, she appears as a beautiful young woman. Her hair is grey with her pain as she is about to assume her folly of her for Christ. Modern Christians find this image particularly easy to relate to. In their prayers to Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg, the faithful ask for protection from slander and jealousy, and comfort and reassurance for the bereaved. Students turn to her for help with their studies and young people to achieve happiness in marriage.

Saint Xenia of Saint Petersburg icon comes to life at our Convent

We have been painting icons at St. Elisabeth Convent since 1998. We have produced countless sacred images over the years, and they can be found in many churches and homes around the globe.

We adhere to the Orthodox Church's canons and the genuine Byzantine and Russian traditions of icon painting when deciding on our procedures, supplies, and methods.

Our paints are created using ground minerals and egg yolk as a binder. Our icons are given additional durability thanks to this age-old technique called tempera.

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