IOM-05-01 Mother of God the Softener of Evil Hearts

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  • An icon of the Mother of God the Softener of Evil Hearts, painted on a gessoed board using acrylic paints. 

  • The oklad is made from velvet and brocade, decorated with natural pearls, Mallorca beads, zircon, bugle beads, beads, Swarovski strasses, cannetille, metal-coated lace, and metal-coated threads. 

  • This icon is fully painted and placed in a non-opening icon case. The icon case protects the icon from dust and other adverse impacts. It also adds to the beauty of the prayer corner of your home. 

  • We will take into account all your preferences. 

  • The cost of an icon depends on its size, the complexity of its composition, and its decoration. 

  • To guarantee high quality and a long lifespan of an icon, we meticulously follow the technology. This is why it takes 1.5 - 4 months to make an icon.

  • Find out more about our icon casing workshop.

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SKU IOM-05-01-27
Image Mother of God
Minimum size, cm 30×40
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