IMP-03-04 St Tryphon

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A painted icon of Holy Martyr Tryphon portrayed with a falcon in his hand, according to a Russian tradition.

It is said that a man named Tryphon Patrikeyev was a falconer at the court of Tsar Ivan IV (the Terrible). While out hunting one day, he allowed the Tsar’s falcon to escape. He was desperate because he knew the Tsar all too well. So he called upon his patron saint for help. St Tryphon appeared to the falconer while he was sleeping, holding a bird in his hand. When the pious falconer woke up, he saw the missing falcon sitting by his bed.

Tryphon Patrikeyev, the falconer, built a church in honor of St Tryphon, which is well-preserved until this day. Since that time, there is a tradition in Russia to show St Tryphon holding a bird of prey in his hand implying that everyone who asks the holy martyr for help will receive God's help thanks to the prayers of St Tryphon.


This icon is painted using the following materials:

  • Acrylic or tempera paints
  • Lime, alder, or pine board with oak splines
  • Gesso
  • Colored wax
  • Gold leaf
  • Linseed oil
  • Hide glue
  • Varnishes (mordant, kauri gum, acryl-styrolic)


This icon of St Tryphon is available in several sizes, ranging from 14.5×19.5 cm to 27×35 cm.


This icon of St Tryphon may be adorned with wrought silver, an oklad, gemstones in casts. We recommend placing this icon in an opening or a non-opening icon case to protect it from humidity fluctuations and dust.

Price & Deadlines

The cost of this icon and the time it will take to make it are negotiable, depending on its size, decorations, complexity of its composition, gold-plating. Once it is ready, the icon will be consecrated in St Elisabeth Convent.

More Information
Minimum size, cm14.5×19.5
Paints Typeacrylic / tempera
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