Icon Cases (Kiots)

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This section contains icon cases (kiots) made in St Elisabeth Convent.

A kiot is a special frame for an icon. A kiot protects an icon against rapid temperature and humidity fluctuations, drafts, soot, and dust. The second purpose of an icon case is decorative. A handmade icon case underlines the magnificence and importance of the icon and makes it fit naturally in the interior of a church or a house.

The Old Testament Ark of the Covenant, which contained the tablets with the Ten Commandments, is often referred to as a prototype for the icon case.

Catalog of St Elisabeth Convent offers icon cases made to order based on the size of your icon.

Additionally, kiots may be adorned with carving and semi-precious gemstones. The workshop of St Elisabeth Convent makes icon cases from solid birch or oak wood, as well as other kinds of wood. The kiot’s surface and color, as well as its characteristics (e.g., its size and whether it should be opening or not) are subject to negotiation after you place your order.

The prices of the handmade icon cases may vary depending on your preferences, location, and delivery method.