FI-0002 Celtic Сross

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This Celtic cross is made from forged metal by the blacksmith workshop of St. Elisabeth Convent with hard work and prayer.

At first a piece of steel is placed in the furnace and is heated up to 1000 °С. Then red-hot metal is pierced with a special instrument. Forging makes the metal stronger with each stroke of the hammer, big crystals are broken up, and finally the work piece is hammered into the desired shape and weight.

Approximate size: 120x80 mm.
Approximate weight: 110 g.

It takes 1+ months to make it.

All crosses made by our blacksmith workshop are blessed and covered with a special protective rust-proof coat.

Each item is unique and can be slightly different from the one shown on the photo.

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SKU FI-0002
Materials Iron
Type Crosses
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