TEG-21040/1 Burgundy Church Egg

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A quiet village church stands on the shore of a forest lake. It seems that a serene bell is about to toll, gathering the flock for the Vespers. The villagers who have finished their simple but exhaustive daily work will gather in the church in order to stand before the Lord, to pray, to repent or to ask God for something. After the service, they will go home, smiling, happy, filled with enthusiasm, and no longer as tired as they used to be before they entered the church. They will go but they will come here again because it is only in church that a worn-out and perturbed human soul may find peace and delight...

This Easter egg is made from wood, painted by hand on both sides, has a durable wide ribbon.

A painted Easter egg is a unique handmade item, created with love and care. It will definitely be an excellent gift for the Holy Easter and a pleasant surprise for your loved ones.

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SKU TEG-21040/1
Egg Type Pendants
Egg size M (50-90 mm)
Decoration Type Painted
Type Egg
Material Wood, Paint, Varnish
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