Textile & Felting Workshop

Textile & Felting Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent

The Textile & Felting Workshop of St. Elisabeth Convent opened in November 2012. Today the people who work here are truly masters of their craft: experts in wet and dry felting, designers, artists, doll makers and more. The products of the workshop, which are environmentally clean and natural, have become popular throughout the world.


The artisanship of creating items from wool is conspired to be an ancient one. Today creation from wool remain to be equally popular. Natural wool, a textile fiber obtained from sheep, is a unique natural material, which is soft and pleasant to the touch. It is from this wonderful material that the felting workshop of the convent creates ecologically safe and beautiful items.


This includes headwear, clothing, various footwear, accessories, jewelry, bags, and various decorative items.


The Textile & Felting Workshop also makes many different toys!


Felting- is a special technique with which items are created out of wool. There are several different techniques of felting.


The first type is dry felting. This technique requires the wool to be punctured repeatedly with the help of special needed. The specialty of this method is the firm joining of the fibers, which then results in a single and quite dense material. Such a technique requires time and patience. For example, the creation of a toy that is about 10cm. can take up to 30 – 50 hours.


The other type is wet felting. This technique requires a soap solution. In order to produce a quality item the artist must properly lay out the material in multiple layers. After that, the material is covered with hot soap-water mix and then with a special type of sheet. This process is also quite tedious and in order to create quality mittens, about five hours of nonstop work is required.


The main principle of the Textile & Felting Workshop is to follow the artistic traditions, learning from experience, and of course the need for the highest standard in quality and safety of the finished product. Just imagine the warm and comfort that the finished items can provide, having been handmade with prayer and with love.