TEG-21018/2 Orange Chickens Egg

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Isn't it great to go out and suddenly feel the gentle warmth of the sun on your face and the gust of a tender and playful breeze, to hear birds sing so loud… What is going on? Something that happens every year but each time seems to be an undeserved gift of the Heaven: it's spring, the season of triumphant life! Two little chickens stand motionless, surprised by the flower - a miracle they have never seen before.

This Chickens Egg is made from wood, handpainted and covered with varnish.

This handmade Chickens Easter egg has a strong and wide ribbon. It will make a great gift for the bright Easter holiday.

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Weight, kg0.0003
Egg TypePendants
Egg sizeM (50-90 mm)
MaterialWood, Paint, Varnish
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