We offer you high-quality eco toys made of natural materials: wood, fabric, and wool.

These handmade toys are made in the Felting&Textile Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. Each toy is unique because it is made by hand. Our craftspeople pay attention to every detail: for instance, the toys’ eyes are not glued to their faces but are embroidered with color threads or painted with safe acrylic paints instead.

We use buckwheat hulls - the dry outer layer of buckwheat seeds - as the filling for most of our products. Such toys boost children’s manual dexterity. You can also use them as bed warmers, antistress toys, or interior decorations.

Pillows stuffed with buckwheat hulls have orthopedic qualities: they reduce pressure on the spine and provide massage for your head and neck.

You can use some toys as bed warmers by heating them up in a microwave or regular oven to a desired temperature.

Buying eco toys and other products of the workshops of St Elisabeth Convent, you support social ministry of the Convent.

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  1. Horse Eco Toy
    Horse Eco Toy
  2. Textile Eco Toy Elephant
    Elephant Eco Toy
  3. bear antistress toy
    Bear Anti-Stress Toy
  4. doggie antistress toy
    Doggie Anti Stress Toy
  5. anti stress toy owl
    Owl Anti Stress Toy
  6. Fox toy pillow
    Fox Toy Pillow
  7. Doggie toy pillow
    Doggie Toy Pillow
  8. Hare Eco Toy
    Hare Eco Toy
  9. hare anti stress toy
    Hare Anti Stress Toy
  10. Sleeping Angel pillow for children
    Sleeping Angel Pillow
  11. Angel Stuffed Toy
    Angel Stuffed Toy
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