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The Convent, which bears the name of the Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth, was founded in the village of Novinki on the outskirts of Minsk in the Republic of Belarus in 1999. It originated from an Orthodox sisterhood of the same name. There was a tradition in old Russia to place shelter for people in need of spiritual care within the walls of the monasteries and convents. People who were rejected by society and were seemingly useless even to their relatives could find shelter within the sacred walls of monasteries.

The main aim of our Convent and Sisterhood is to provide spiritual and social help for the sick and the suffering. The sisters carry out their ministry in many places. They help patients from the National Psychiatric Hospital and a tuberculosis centre, a boarding home for people with disabilities and a boarding home for children with learning difficulties. It is situated not far from the Convent. Most of them are orphans. Their diagnoses vary and include Down’s syndrome, birth traumas, congenital physical disorders and accompanying diseases of internal organs.

The Convent has a metochion near the village of Lysaya Gora, 30 km from Minsk. It provides rehabilitation for those determined to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction, for the homeless and ex-prisoners. They live under the nuns’ care and work on the farm, in the fields and gardens and on building sites.

We have a lot of workshops and studios in our Convent. These studios produce icons, vestments, candlesticks, woodwork, furniture, metalwork, and mural or fresco painting. Products are made with love and prayer in accord with ancient traditions. They are sure to bring blessings to their owners. Each of the workshops welcomes individual orders.

Watch more about ministry of the sisterhood here.