ST-KI-24 Icon Case

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This wooden icon case is decorated with a carved element, which features an image of a cross.

The icon in this icon case is decorated with a thin metal oklad with Grapevine ornament.

An icon case is more than an interior decoration: it is indispensable, especially for painted icons. It protects icons against drafts, excess moisture, dust, and mechanical damage.

Dimensions of this sample are 350×255×75 mm.

We can make an icon case of any size to order.

You can specify all your preferences (materials, sizes, etc.) and order an icon in addition to this product via the Comment field of your order.

Any icon case can be opening or non-opening, based on your preferences.

An icon is not included in the cost of this product. 

The price of an icon case depends on its size, materials, and carving. It is calculated on an order-to-order basis.

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Dimensions350×255×75 mm
Materialswood, metal
TypeIcon Case
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