Icons of The Nativity of Christ

The icon of the Nativity of Christ is the canonical image of the holiday. It shows the greatest event of the Saviour coming into this world in a Bethlehem cave. The icon portrays Baby Jesus in the crib with the Mother of God, an ox and an ass near him, and a star shining over the cave, There are additional scenes, too: the pious Joseph, the Magi with their gifts, shepherds and Angels who praise the Lord, and the washing of the Baby.

Byzantine icons of the Nativity of Christ are:

-canonical icons painted with tempera or acrylic paints

-exclusive icon made of ground semi-precious gemstones

-folding feast icons

-Christmas creches

If you want to present a painted Byzantine icon of the Nativity of Christ, please note that it takes 1 month to make it.

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