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Original music and treatments of ancient chants.

We intended to provide the most accurate representation of the cultural phenomena typical of the countries that once used to be parts of the Byzantine Empire: Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Syria, and Egypt. Their musical culture found its expression in the vocal improvisations, the archaic harmonies, and a peculiar pronunciation of the texts.

Album My Byzantium is unique because all "instruments" are the overlap of the voice of one and the same singer - Edward Lange, a soloist of the Festive Choir of St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk.

1. Kratima and Psalm 141 (Lord, I Cry Undo Thee)
2. Kratima and To Thee The Champion Leader, Byzantine chant
3. Cherubic Song, Macedonian chant
4. Axion Estin (It is Truly Meet), Greek chant
5. My Soul Doth Magnify Thee, Byzantine chant
6. Hallelujah, Ancient Roman chant
7. Kratima and Psalm 51 (Have Mercy upon me, O God)(fragment)
8. Christ is risen, Vatopedi chant
9. Polyeleos, Serbian chant
10. Kratima and Psalm 137 (On the Rivers of Babylon)
11. Heirmoses of the Nativity of Christ, Old Bulgarian chant, tone 1
12. The 1st Antiphon of the Divine Liturgy

Total Runtime 53 minutes 6 seconds.

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