Catholic Vestments

The production process in our sewing workshops combines handmade and machine methods, which makes each vestment a unique masterpiece. Every item is supervised by one sister responsible for all the production stages from the beginning to the end. Icon painters participate in designing the models that feature complex embroidery.

We believe that these vestments can contribute to your ministry and meet your expectations for the quality and modern church design.

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Please note that the final prices of the items in our catalogue may be different from the quoted ones, depending on your location and method of delivery. We will contact you after you place an order confirming your order and specifying its final cost.

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  1. SH-23-2 White Vestment
    SH-23-2 White Vestment
  2. SH-18-1 Reversible Stole
    SH-18-1 Reversible Stole
  3. 126-01 Cover
    126-01 Cover
  4. SH-18-2 Reversible Stole
    SH-18-2 Reversible Stole
  5. 02-33 Cover
    02-33 Cover
  6. 81-54 Blue Vestment
    81-54 Blue Vestment
  7. SH-23-3 Beige Vestment
    SH-23-3 Beige Vestment
  8. SH-23-3-1 White Vestment
    SH-23-3-1 White Vestment
  9. 126-15 Bookmark
    126-15 Bookmark
  10. SH-23-58 White Vestment
    SH-23-58 White Vestment
  11. SH-23-3-2 Olive Vestment
    SH-23-3-2 Olive Vestment
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55 items

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