Secret Angel - Charity Event

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Share the joy of Christmas, become a secret angel

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. She was poor and lonely, and no one ever gave her a goodnight kiss. Around the corner from her, there lived a sick boy. Abandoned by his parents, he was mostly silent. Nobody ever talked to him. At Christmas, their lives changed. A good fairy came to see them. She brought them presents and ended their loneliness. These could be the opening lines of a fairy tale or the beginning of a true story, where the good fairy is you. Christmas is a time for joy, but also for giving and charity.

This Christmas, we invite you to join our operation Christmas Angel to bring the magic of Christmas to disabled children in long-term care institutions in Belarus and to the disadvantaged adults residing in our farmsteads. Secret angels help others anonymously because Christ teaches us to give alms without anybody knowing. They give like angels because angels are dwellers of the invisible world.

Helping as a secret angel

It is easy to become a secret angel, and it will not take you more than five minutes of your time. Browse our catalogue and select the items you would like to give. Be sure to tell us in the comments that you wish to make this gift as a secret angel. You may also join others to collect money for a group gift.

We offer an extensive choice of treats, Christmas tree decorations, audio disks with Christmas music, craft kits, stress relieving toys, and much else. You may select from a large selection of table games, scarfs, mittens, tablecloths, glass angels, Christmas scenes and other items made at our workshops. You give with love, and we put our love into every item we make.

Making this world a more loving place

Some might say: "I am not an angel, far from it!" Yet, your charitable gift makes a world of difference and can be truly salvific. It reminds the needy children and adults about the joy and love of Christ. It brings hope to vulnerable adults who have been in a living hell and have come to us for help in pulling themselves out of it.

The child or adult receiving your gift will not know your identity, but the Baby Christ will.

Operation Secret Angel starts on 15 September 2022 and runs until 20 January 2023. We document the delivery of your gifts. Follow us on our blog.