CD God Is Above All. Male Choir of St Elisabeth Convent

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This first album of the Male Choir introduces us to a truly amazing world of ancient church singing, with chants as its core. Znamenny, Valaam, Kievan, Byzantine chants, which are ascetic and archaic, are performed by contemporary Christian young men. In this way, the hymns bring together the ages, and a pure ancient prayer reaches our troubled world.


01. Bless The Lord, O My Soul. Valaam chant

02. Blessed Is the Man. Kievan chant

03. O Gladsome Light. Valaam chant

04. Polieley. Byzantine chant

05. With the Angel's Song. Znamenny two-part chant. 17th-century manuscript

06. My Soul Doth Magnify Thee. Valaam chant

07. Come Let Us Worship. Byzantine chant

08. Troparion to the Reigning Icon of the Mother of God, tone 4. Valaam chant

09. Trisagion. Znamenny chant, tone 6

10. Before Thy Cross. Znamenny chant

11. Cherubic Hymn. Linear polyphony

12. Cherubic Hymn. Byzantine chant

13. Mercy of Peace. Deacon Sergius Trubachev

14. It Is Truly Meet. Valaam chant (refectory)

15. All Creation Rejoices in Thee. Greek chant

16. We Have Seen the True Light. Valaam chant

17. When I Was Young. Old Russian canticle

18. Numbers. 17th-century Old Rite spiritual hymn

Precentor: Eugene Prokofiev

Sound Director: Konstantin Karmanov

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Release DateOct 9, 2019
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